Certification renewal is a process whereby the certified professional demonstrates ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the ability to perform in a competent manner. Certification renewal also assures the public that the certified professional remains committed to adhering to a code of ethics and standards of practice. 

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To demonstrate continued competency, the certified professional is required to obtain 16 hours of continuing education. Continuing education must be new activity obtained during the two-year certification period and cannot pre-date a certificate submitted for renewal.

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How to Renew Your Certification

1. Obtain your 16 continued education credits (CECs) within the 2-year validity period upon initial completion of our curriculum. Answer

CECs must be newly acquired credits obtained during the two-year certification period of each certificate submitted for renewal. AFPA permits its members to renew multiple certifications with the same 16.0 CECs provided the credits are earned during the two-year validity period of each credential submitted for renewal.  Any organization offering credits for continuing education courses related to fitness, health and/or nutrition would be acceptable towards AFPA recertification requirements. Explore AFPA CEC programs here.

2. Review Certification Renewal Handbook and fill out the Renewal Application. Answer

3. Attach your copies of CEC/CEU documentation and the certification(s) that need renewal. Answer

A copy of a CEC/CEU validation form from the continuing education course provider must be submitted with your renewal form as a part of the required documentation (such as a Certificate of Completion or similar showing your name, the name of the continuing education course completed, the date completed and the number of approved credit hours for the continuing education course completed).

4. Submit your Certification Renewal Application, CEC/CEU documents and a renewal fee of $85.00 along with a late fee if applicable. Answer

The fee to renew each certification is $85 for two years. For individuals who hold more than one credential, the fee is $85 for the first credential plus $50 for each additional credential if renewed at the same time plus late fee(s), if applicable.

If your certification is past due by 30 days or more up to 12 months past the expiration date, there is a late fee of $30 in addition to the $85 renewal fee. 

If you are past due by 12 months or more, please email afpa@afpafitness.com for more details.

Renewal FAQs

Does my certification expire? Answer

Yes. Your certification will expire two years following successful exam completion. AFPA certification ID number and validity dates are noted on the certificate. Learn more about recertification requirements.

How do I renew my AFPA certification? Answer

In order to maintain AFPA credentials, individuals are required to obtain 16.0 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) during each 2-year certification period. To renew, you can complete the AFPA Certification Renewal Application, attach copies of all required documentation and fees, and submit to our office.

How do I get CECs? Answer

We offer a wide selection of educational programs and opportunities for all individuals worldwide. AFPA offers over 200 continuing education courses that you can complete at home or online, and we provide of listing of approved CEC Providers. Also, each AFPA certification program is worth 16 CECs!

What is the difference between CECs and CEUs? Answer

AFPA requires its members to obtain 16.0 continuing education credits (CECs) as a part of the AFPA recertification process. Some organizations, such as AFAA, use the term continuing education units (CEUs). CECs and CEUs are interchangeable for AFPA recertification purposes. AFPA works in a whole number system, e.g., 1.0, whereas some organizations, such as ACE, work in a decimal system, e.g., 0.1. For AFPA recertification purposes, credits earned from an organization utilizing a decimal system are the equivalent of whole numbers, e.g., 0.1 ACE CEC is equivalent to 1.0 CEC for AFPA recertification purposes. An individual earning 1.6 ACE CECs would have the equivalent of 16.0 CECs for AFPA recertification purposes.

I have more than one certification. How many CECs do I need to renew? Answer

AFPA permits our members to renew multiple credentials with the same 16.0 CECs provided the credits are earned during the two-year validity period of each certificate submitted for renewal.

I just completed an AFPA certification course. Can I use this as CECs to renew my other AFPA certification? Answer

Yes, a newly acquired AFPA certification has a value of 16.0 continuing education credits (CECs) toward renewal requirements of an existing AFPA certification. To qualify as CECs, the certification course must be successfully completed and credential issued.

Are AFPA certification programs valid as continuing education for other organizations? Answer

Each organization sets its own policies regarding renewal and continuing education credits. It would be necessary for you to check with your certifying organization to determine their requirements. They may accept the course or they may require that you petition for credits. If they require petitioning, upon request, we could provide you with a letter stating course hours when your AFPA credential is issued.

My certification is in Personal Training. Do I have to take CEC courses in Personal Training or can I take courses in nutrition or other areas? Answer

You may take any continuing education course that is of interest to you. AFPA encourages our members to explore other disciplines related to health, wellness, nutrition and entrepreneurship.

Can I renew if my certification is expired? Answer

Yes, but only up to two years past your certification expiration date. You will still be required to submit your past-due renewal fees, late fee, and CECs for the duration of time that your certification was expired. If your certification expiration is past two years, you must re-enroll in the certification program.

My certification expired last year. Can I renew? Answer

Yes! AFPA certifications are not extended but may be reinstated up to 12 months past the expiration date upon successful completion of renewal requirements.

AFPA certification credentials are updated from the expiration date regardless of the date a completed renewal application is received in our office.  

To complete the AFPA recertification process, you may review AFPA certification renewal procedures and requirements and download/print forms here.

My certification expired a long time ago. How do I renew? Answer

If you have not renewed your certification and your credential is expired over 2 years, to become currently certified it may be necessary to take the certification course again.  Please email afpa@afpafitness.com for more details.

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