Understanding the Scope of Advice You Can Give

As people aim to live healthier, happier and more robust lives - nutrition is key. As an aspiring nutrition professional, there is so much you can do to guide people on their journey to better health. That said - the guidelines for what advice you can safely and ethically give will vary depending on the title you earn.

Take for example a Registered Dietician and a Nutritionist. While they sound very similar, their educational requirements, workplaces and job duties can vary a lot - and therefore the scope of advice you can give will also vary.

Here at AFPA, we want you to choose the path (and title) that’ll make you happiest and the most fulfilled. Understanding the scope of advice you can give is but one facet of the knowledge AFPA equips you with before you make a decision about which of our award-winning certification programs to enroll in.


After reading this guide, you'll be equipped with:

  • Knowledge of what you can do with a nutrition certification
  • Further clarification on what you can't do with a nutrition certification
  • Helpful resources that detail specific state guidelines
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