Animal vs. Vegetable: The Best Protein for Muscle Growth

    Animal vs. Vegetable Protein Debate: What is the Best Protein For Muscle Growth?

    By Dr. Bill Misner, Ph.D.

    AUTHOR’S PREVIEW I would like to acknowledge this is a debatable subject firstly because the human metabolic system is highly adaptive to a variety exogenous protein foods, secondly because one protein protocol “Size” may not fit all, and lastly because we are still fine-tuning from the

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    Over-training: The Natural Body Builder's Nemesis

    What is progress? How do you define bodybuilding progress? What types of changes are occurring within the body? Do we define change from oxen to automobile to jet aircraft progress? Can speed and efficiency the criteria of progress? Man’s clothes have changed, his food has changed, his toys have certainly changed! Athletes in the 2000’s are bigger, stronger and faster than at any time in recorded history.

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    The Benefits of the Cardio Kickboxing Workout

    Combines an Aerobic Workout with a Resistance Training Workout

    Doing either an aerobics workout, i.e. running, stairmaster, stationary bike, etc. or an anaerobic workout such as lifting weights, Nautilus, calisthenics, etc. will not give you the best or quickest overall fitness results. You need to do both.

    If you are a runner,

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    Effects of Learned Helplessness on Weight Loss & Exercise

    Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD One of the most famous and most revealing experiments in the history of psychological research involved the subject and effects of learned helplessness. I don’t have the room here to tell you as much about it as I’d like to, but any Psychology 101

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