Fitness Programs & Workplace Stress

    By: Mark J. Occhipinti, M.S., Ph.D., N.D.c.

    “It is a laughable sight, to see those guilds of cobblers and tailors… when they march in procession.. stopping, round shouldered, limping men, swaying from side to side. They look as though they had all been carefully selected for an exhibition of their infirmities.”

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    Water Pollution Today

    by Brian Lavendel

    Pollution of lakes, rivers, streams, oceans: it’s a problem many of us are aware of and concerned about. The good news is that today, the actions of individuals can have a large impact on the quality of our waters. Yes, each one of us can help keep our

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    Nutrition and the Central Fatigue Hypothesis

    by Matt Samuels, RD

    Athletes are quite familiar with localized fatigue. This can be observed during any weight training session when an exercise is taken to failure or during an endurance event when one body part fatigues before others. This localized fatigue occurs within the muscle itself and can be caused

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    Lean Muscle Mass Gain & Fat Mass Loss During Training

    Interventions For Enhancing Lean Muscle Mass Gain and Fat Mass Loss During Strength and Speed Training Protocols

    Dr. Bill Misner Ph.D.*

    Ever wonder how, why, and where the flat stomach, thin thighs, and slim hips of your youth disappeared beneath a blanket of fat? There are a number of metabolic mechanisms known to influence body composition outcome. Lean and fat mass are remarkably dependant upon two hormones. Age-induced

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    Caffeine’s Hidden Dangers

    What are the short term effects of caffeine on the body?

    The physiological effects of caffeine can begin as early as 15-45 minutes after ingestion. Its maximum central nervous system effects are reached in about 30-60 minutes. Caffeine increases heartbeat, respiration, basal metabolic rate, and the production of stomach acid and urine; and it relaxes smooth muscles, notably the bronchial muscle.

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    The Milk Letter: A Message To My Patients

    By: Robert M. Kradjian, MD
    Breast Surgery Chief Division of General Surgery,
    Seton Medical Centre #302 - 1800 Sullivan Ave.
    Daly City, CA 94015 USA

    “MILK”Just the word itself sounds comforting! “How about a nice cup of hot milk?” The last time you heard that question it was from someone who cared for you–and

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    Pregnant Women Should Not Skydive

    By: Dennis M. Loya, BS.,JD., Certified Personal Trainer


    It goes without saying that every pregnant woman must cut back on exercise during her pregnancy to avoid harming herself or her baby. This begs the question, how should I modify my exercise routine to accommodate my pregnancy?

    Pregnancy is a complex physiologic state,

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    Calcium and Protein: A Mixture For Disaster

    Does Milk Really Do The Body Good? Calcium and Protein: A Mixture For Disaster

    By: Mark J. Occhipinti, M.S. , Ph.D, NDc.

    It is a documented fact that consumption of dairy products can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attack and strokes, and that high fat dairy products contain unsafe levels of environmental contaminants, including pesticide residues, antibiotics and estrogen steroids. 1,2 In

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    The Business of Being a Personal Trainer

    You are entering the profession of personal fitness training at a time of growth and opportunity. Awareness of the benefits of personal training is expanding, as is the client market.

    This increased opportunity is accompanied by a huge influx of new personal trainers into the industry, which means increasedcompetition.

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    How to Create Your Own Fitness Boot Camp

    By: Phil A. Lalli

    Just about every fitness center and gym seems to offer a version of the trendy boot camp workout these days.

    Some go with a pseudo-militaristic theme, complete with camouflage gear. Others refer to standard circuit classes as boot camps.

    Deciding what type of boot camp workout you want to

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