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These days, physical fitness, wellness, and nutrition go hand in hand. Up until recently, these industry disciplines were separated, leaving clients to resort to searching for experts within a single profession to achieve each of their unique goals. Why have your clients seek the wellness advice of others when you could provide the complimentary service they’re looking for?

Now, AFPA is one of the leading organizations offering Bundled Certifications that are the best choice if you aspire to broaden your specialized education and coaching skills and initiate a more holistic change in your clients.

What You Will Learn


Develop Program Designs For Every Client

Learn science-based program design frameworks to help your clients with any of their goals in areas such as health and wellness, weight loss, pregnancy health, senior health, strength and conditioning, and personal training. You’ll be provided with everything you need to succeed as a fitness and health and wellness professional.


Optimal Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Techniques

Every person has different health needs and goals, which requires a highly advanced education to determine how best to support a client. You’ll learn how to effectively assess, create, and offer fitness, health, and nutrition recommendations based on a client’s unique body composition, age, metabolism, weight, dietary restrictions, and health conditions.


High Proficiency In Coveted Industry Skills

You’ll learn how to apply the fundamentals of nutrition, exercise science, biomechanics, and human anatomy to be an outstanding coach, consultant, or trainer. By applying evidence-backed research for optimal performance and longevity, you’ll excel at helping your clients reach their desired state of health.

Key Benefits


Improve Client Success And Client Experience

The compatible knowledge you gain by bundling certifications will allow you to initiate a total transformation in your clients’ lives. You’ll excel in designing a holistic approach to helping your clients reach their goals, leading to happier and more satisfied clients (and a higher retention rate).


Earn Two Certifications At Once

Amplify your credibility in record time without breaking the bank. You can cross-certify from anywhere in the world and study at your own pace. “Stacking” certifications is a desirable way to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional development and growth.


Position Yourself As the Leader Of The Pack

Set yourself apart from other professionals with a complementary set of expert skills to accelerate your clients’ results. As the go-to for an extensive personal transformation, you’ll increase your potential of getting hired and promoted or expand your market share and grow your business.

Not sure if coaching is the right path for you? Hear what our graduates have to say

Tyler Kalisiak's Profile image

What I loved most about getting certified with AFPA is that it really opened the opportunities for my long career, and it gave me direction."

Tyler Kalisiak, Strength and Conditioning Certification, Sports Nutrition Certification
Andrew Schuth's Profile image

I looked at a lot of certifications out there. You name it, I’ve looked at it, but AFPA stood out to me. They’re out-of-the-box thinkers and so am I. The certification process was fairly easy, it was very effective, and fun to learn."

Andrew Schuth, Personal Trainer Certification
Allison Wells's Profile image

Working with an accredited organization like AFPA has been really beneficial for me. It gives me a leg up on my colleagues because they might know a lot about nutrition, but don’t have the certification behind that. When you’re actually certified, it opens up a lot of doors and opportunities. Once I became certified with AFPA, I was pretty much immediately hired, which helped me get my name out there."

Allison Wells, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification

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