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    Ways to Make Money as a Health Coach

    With the growing awareness and appreciation of embracing a healthier lifestyle, the demand for health coaches has skyrocketed.

    According toPrecedence Research, the global health coaching industry is projected to hit nearly $26 billion by 2030.

    It’s safe to say, this fast-growing industry has opened up a new world of money-making opportunities for health coaches.

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    Do You Need a Certification to Become a Health Coach?

    People across the world areincreasingly prioritizing their health. Unfortunately, “prioritizing health” isn’t quite the same as actually living a healthy lifestyle.

    Take this2016 study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, for instance. Researchers found that an average of only 2.7% of Americans met four basic qualifications of a healthy lifestyle.

    What’s behind this disconnect? On an individual level,research highlights two culprits: a lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed.

    Is it any wonder why the demand for certified health coaches— professionals who help motivate and guide clients into implementing practices that sustain long-lasting health and well-being improvement—has skyrocketed?

    The health coaching market is a $14.48 billion service market. And it’s only expected to grow—potentially reaching $25.95 billion by 2030.

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    HMB Benefits, Dosage, & Nutrition Facts

    There is some evidence that this innovative nutrient can raise anabolism (the constructive phase of metabolism) and promote recovery in trained athletes. As well, there may be some other beneficial effects for the endurance athlete who chooses to use this novel supplement. HMB stands for beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate. I think we’ll

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    A New Way To Understand and Use Abdominal Muscles

    Dr. Jolie Bookspan

    You’ve heard that developing your abdominal muscles will help your lifting, posture and your back pain.
    So why isn’t it working?

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    Permanent Weight Loss Revealed


    Permanent Weight Loss Revealed

    By Will Brink

    Most people who read my articles and e-books know me as a science guy who likes to quote studies and apply research to everyday problems such as permanent weight loss, bodybuilding, and other health/fitness related topics. However, sometimes you have to step back from the

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    Why Your BMI Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

    How well do BMI, waist size, and other measurements gauge obesity?

    WebMD Feature
    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    You may have heard of BMI -- body mass index. It's based on your height and weight, and it's widely used to say who's obese, who's overweight (but not obese), who's at

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    13 Things Sure To Slow Down Your Metabolism

    Every cell in your body plays a role in energy metabolism -- the process of turning the food you eat into energy that keeps your heart beating, lungs pumping, and muscles moving. The faster your basal metabolic rate, the more calories you burn. And just like there are ways to

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    Why Farm Raised Fish is Bad for You

    Eating Tilapia is Worse Than Eating Bacon

    We all have the notion that eating fish would be the better option over bacon when it comes to health. And the truth is, it really is! Fish is a low fat, high protein food that has

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    The Truth About Grass fed Beef

    The Truth About Grassfed Beef - Whether you're a meat eater or not, the method of raising animals on a grain diet in feedlot operations affects all of us. Discover the not so pleasant realities and detrimental consequences of feedlots and decide for yourself if the trend toward 'pasture fed'

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